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  • The Blood of Jesus - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries The Blood of Jesus - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries

    The Blood of Jesus

    In this powerful series, Pastor Benny traced the trail of blood through the Old Testament that led to the cross, where the blood of Jesus Christ was shed seven times. He also goes through a background study of the blood of Christ, going back to the 33 prophetic lambs in the Old Testament and explaining how God required that sacrificial lamb to be perfect. Through the Old Testament, every man of God who built an altar and applied the blood—from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the rest—all understood the blood covenant.

    When Blood is Applied, Anointing Follows!

  • The Glorious and Eternal Power - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries The Glorious and Eternal Power - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    Have you ever asked, “What does the blood of Jesus do for me?” In this powerful teaching, Pastor Benny shares what the blood does in the life of one who is surrendered to the Lord Jesus. The Scriptures have much to say concerning the blood. In this teaching you'll begin to understand that God has given His people dominion through the blood of Jesus. God releases His power through the power of the blood of Jesus in your life. Supernatural grace, protection, mercy and much more await you.

    Experience God's Mighty Covenant Power

  • God's Word Speaks Healing - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries God's Word Speaks Healing - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    With a background of instrumental medleys, Benny Hinn shares healing promises from throughout the Scriptures to help you enter into an atmosphere of healing. Trust the Lord to touch you as you hear His inspired Word and allow His anointing to flow through you, bringing healing to your spirit, soul, and body. May your spirit be lifted into the presence of the Lord as you listen to these inspirational songs and scriptures, enabling you to dwell in the Lord’s presence and to receive your healing. Download this inspirational teaching today.

    Lift Your Spirit Into the Presence of the Lord!

  • Lamb of God eBook - back cover - Benny Hinn Ministries Lamb of God eBook - front cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1:29). With seasoned wisdom and timeless insight, Benny Hinn shares his years of study concerning God's plan for our salvation. In a sweeping panorama of mankind's time line from Genesis to Revelation comes an amazing story of the Savior.

    Yesterday, Today, and Forever!

  • Christ Our Passover eBook - back cover - Benny Hinn Ministries Christ Our Passover eBook - front cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    Why did Jesus Christ die on the cross? What caused the Son of Man to do the unthinkable, to offer His life as a substitute for each of us? In Christ Our Passover, Benny Hinn responds to the multitude of questions about Christ, the central figure of history.

    A Life-Changing Message!

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