• The Person of the Holy Spirit - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries The Person of the Holy Spirit - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    In one of the most anointed teachings he has ever presented on God’s presence and power, Pastor Benny Hinn reveals how to move into the Holy of Holies in our worship. From the beginning, he takes great care to distinguish between God’s presence and God’s power—“God is bigger than our experience“ he teaches, “much bigger! He is limitless!”

    Anointed Teaching on God's Presence and Power

  • The Double Portion Anointing - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries The Double Portion Anointing - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    One of the greatest biblical examples of double-portion anointing is the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2:9-10). He was told four times to stay behind and follow Elijah no farther, yet Elisha followed him until the end, passing through Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and Jordan. Finally, seeing Elisha’s persistence, Elijah asked what he could do for him. Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing, and his life changed forever.

    Double Your Anointing!

  • Pastor Benny Hinn Portrait - Benny Hinn Ministries Character of the Holy Spirit - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    From the archives of Benny Hinn Ministries: The Character of The Holy Spirit is a classic teaching from 1996 that features a 53 minute detailed sermon on the nature of the Holy Spirit, and is part of a very special release of rare Ministry archives that have not been released in over 20 years.

    Download this precious audio while it is still available!

  • Foundations of the Holy Spirit - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries Foundations of the Holy Spirit - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    In this teaching taken from the 2004 Orlando Partners Conference, Pastor Benny shares years of study, showing in great detail how God has revealed the Holy Spirit from the first chapter of Genesis as the Creator, then in subsequent passages of Scripture as the Giver and Author of Life, the Flaming Sword, the Cloud and Fire, the Living Water, the Anointing Oil, the Still, Small Voice, and so much more.

    Life-changing from the Old Testament.

  • Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit - Back Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit - Front Cover - Benny Hinn Ministries
    The fruit and the Gifts of the Spirit are available to every believer. In fact, they are essential to unleashing God's power in your life. Jesus said, "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and [that] your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you" (John 15:16)." Likewise, the Word of God commands that we should not be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts, (1 Corinthians 12:1), for they bring us to a place of spiritual maturity.

    Unleashing God's Power In your Life!

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      This book will answer all of your questions about the anointing. It will prepare you to experience the precious touch of God on everything you do. How can some ministers whose personal and spiritual lives are dried up and in shambles still operate in the anointing and continue to minister with power? Pastor Benny Hinn asked this question during a season of personal trial, and his quest led him to an in-depth understanding of the three "rivers," or types, of anointing in Scripture: 1 John 2:27 (the anointing within you); Acts 1:8 (the anointing upon you); and Isaiah 10 (a global anointing related to building up and destroying nations).

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