Benny Hinn Ministries Prayer Wall


Jesus I pray, I boldly come to the throne room, that you Lord supply me all that I need & want today, tomorrow & always, favor with people to get me all that I need & want that they can do that, you let them, and you have them do it. Send me right people, right place & right time. That today is a Blessed day stays Blessed, Biggest powerful Miracles from you Jesus & people, healed and my brain and stomach in all areas and for help lord for my brain and health, Favor with people. Miracles for my thinking that I have the mind of Jesus Christ, Please open the windows of heaven pour down your blessings so big to me and whoever else needs that, 100 fold return of wealth, apt, health, work, vehical money, debt free, burden removing yoke destorying off of my body and life, my family, friends, double it I pray like you did Job from the bible I receive it now, that I wont have enough room to take it all in, but I pray that I take it all in, and I receive a prophects reward, 100 fold return, my mail box in the yard is overflow of money checks was sent to me make it into my hands, cash handed to me in my hands, my feet moving where I want them to move & that I start working out supply me all that I need for that today, and new pink jeep custome, the best job for me work that pays over the top wealth at least 15k or more monthly, pretty chic apt or house that I get to decor & have wealth to decor it with no wealth struggles. You lord make me Rich and add no sorrow to it, brand new christian clothes, jeans, shirts, hoodies, etc, and new long hair extensions & personal christian women trainer for the gym for me, and that Gods will for my Life come forth to supply me all that I want & need on this list today with supernatural 100 percent answered prayers of mine & that I receive 100 percent of my prayers from God that is answered today & from people, favor with people & God, get me out 100 percent like it use to be that you perfect that for me BOLDLY and my family, friends, the people I love, favor with favor, and favor with you JESUS, in Jesus Name Amen

Received: February 13, 2019