Benny Hinn Ministries Prayer Wall


Dear Mr. Benny Hinn and those praying over this as well. My husband and I have been struggling financially for a while now. We have even considered bankruptcy. We have barely been making it from paycheck to paycheck and with kids that makes it hard. It is far from what we need to fix our house and be able to move into a house we can call ours. We haven't even had a wedding yet because we don't have the money(we did get married of course before a judge but its not how I seen things going as far as wedding ceremonies go) I'd always hoped to be able to show our kid's places in this world that are so beautiful and my favorite state in the united states of course! But to do so we need better income. My husband took a different position at his work place but with that move came a decrease in pay. Unfortunately that has worsened things for us. I pray that they will see the hard work he does and the years he has put in and give him a raise soon that will better meet our needs or he will be offered a position that will be better for him and us that he will even better enjoy. I have recently been applying for jobs myself because of this hardship we have been going through, only to so far end up jobless. I have applied for so many just to try to get anything that might help us, which is hard when im already a full time housewife and mother of two and handling other family members accounts and financials for them to try to better things for them as well. I had applied for a dental sterilization technician position that i had wanted very badly and prayed on it but evidently god didnt see me in that position so i then applied for a photographer position, which trust me, is something i have always wanted and have actually went to college for. But unfortunately i never heard back from them. So then i applied for pharmacy clerk in two different towns even and called them several times and left messages but still nothing. Now I have applied for a housekeeping position at a hotel in a town near by cause the ones hear arent hiring and she said they should get back with me by today if i got it. I am nervous, i really hope this is it. It's certainly not my dream job but right now its a job i need and I must say I am kind of excited for it. To get myself into the working environment again. I hope and pray though I will someday be able to do something I love doing. Please pray for things to get better considerably with money for us. We need it so much right now. God bless and thank you! Amen

Received: October 4, 2019