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Marvelous Jubane

Good day,

Please pray for God's mercy and salvation upon my life.

Please pray for healing in my body from Coronavirus, fever, weakness in left arm and the whole body, cancer, dizziness, sneezing, heartache, heart attack, bone aches, stomach aches (Gastritis) and shivering.

Please pray for me and my family members to be delivered from evil attacks and witchcraft attacks.

Please pray for a career and marital breakthrough.

Please pray for God's favour upon my life when I go to the Children's Court on 1 September 2020 to request to spend time with my twins Rhoda and Ishamuel.

Please pray for President Donald Trump to win the elections in November 2020.

Please pray for the president of South Africa and his cabinet to lead the nation being guide by the fear of God Almighty.

Thank you.

Received: August 2, 2020

Deepak Kumar Gupta

Shalom Brother

India (Bihar, Dehri on sone)

Please pray for me Deepak and my friend Rohit job urgently need according to heavenly Father Will's. I have completed my in 2015 . My family don't believe in Christ Hindu idols (pray for salvation).need Guidance/ breakthrough fill with holy spirit or tongue. My mother Sunaina Devi or father Rajeshwar Prasad health issue backpains body pains stomach problems .my family so many rituals. I m small in member, many says where is your God (according to my condition)say your mind wash. debt in my house 30 lakh

My sister Sunita(no child) divorce case (husband marriage another girl)

My brother name. Satyendra Gupta (wife Ruby), Jeetendra (wife anjali), me (Deepak), Jaiprakash, Mukesh, Ravi Ranjan (hero)

Sister . Sunita , Anita (husband vijay) , seema (husband pradeep) , open eyes to know Jesus Christ

Received: August 2, 2020

Kevin rocque

Good day

Please pray for me that Lord Almighty may grant me complete salvation in life. May Jesus remove al the plans of the wicked and enemy from my life. Jesus protect me from the curses and attacks of the enemy. Deliver me Jesus

Received: August 2, 2020

Zeeshan Pervez

Prais the Lord,

Dear Pastor,

Please pray for my mother as she have on her body iching and her blood pressure is high sometime please please please specially pray for my mother also her mind set free without any tention her health is good and more good please Pastor my monther name is Najam-un-nisa,

Also Pastor please pray for me and my family life as my wife don't want to stay with me and she speaks bad words to me her name is Naira Naeem please please please Pastor pray for her soul and mind resort and humble,

Please Please please Pastor pray for our owned new home as we don't have enough money to buy our owned home please please please Pastor pray for us,

My name Zeeshan Pervez be from Punjab sarghodha, Pakistan

Thank you Pastor thank you so much,

God bless you always and your team members always blessed Amen Amen

Thank you all

Received: August 2, 2020


I m iris from India. I want to be success. I want to be a good architect and interior designer. But due to bad condition of my family I left my job. I see my career is going to darkness. I really want to earn Money for my family specially for my mother. At this time my mother is suffering form tumor in her neck she can't eat and drink. I m really worried about my career about my mother my family.... Please pray for me and my mother

Received: August 2, 2020


Please pray for my younger brother (Aman). Since 3 year he has suffered he could not walk please pray that he can walk.

And also pray for my mother (Urmila). She has tumor in her neck and neck is totally block. She could not eat and drink. Please pray that her block neck will be unblock and she can eat and drink like a normal person. Please pray for her life. Jesuse save my mom's life and give her a new life.

Received: August 2, 2020


Almighty Father,our Lord and Saviour. I pray for your divine presence Jesus in our family, to protect and guide, and to cast all darkness, negativity and sin out of us. Jesus, crush Satan and all his workd, never allow him to thread into our home or lives, send us guardian angels to protect us and keep us safe. Help us to be loving and kind in our words and actions, and to never anger or hurt each other. Help us to find stabiltiy financially once again, in you i trust Lord. Help my family to unite fully, and to be in peace and in your light. Mary, mother of peace, pls interced with your Son for us and keep us safe under your veil of protection. In Jesus Name i pray and trust. AMEN

Received: August 2, 2020

Silviu Haidaciuc

1 Corinthians 12-31 But it is good if you really want the more important gifts. Now I will show you a way that is better than any other way.

I want Gifts of the Spirit of God to flood my life

I want to ask God the Father to talk to me from the Bible.

I want to ask God the Father for Divine wisdom and understanding .

I want Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.By your mighty power you rescue those who seek refuge from their enemies.

I also want gold and silver, the valuable things that people hide in dark places.

I want the valuable things they keep secret.

We are asking God to answer to prayer with a resounding “YES!” and “AMEN!”

in accordance with the promise found in His Word

Received: August 2, 2020

Marvelous Jubane

Good day,

Please pray for the salvation of my soul and God to forgive me for hurting other people who are created in His image.

Please pray for God to help me forgive all people that have disappointed me.

Please pray for healing in my bones, spinal cord, knees, feet, lungs, nostrils, heart, blood, fluids and all my body organs.

Please pray for God's favour upon my life.

Please pray for a career and marital breakthrough.

Thank you.

Received: August 2, 2020


I want to come in agreement with other believers to pray for Susheel ( a guy I knew). I pray that God heals Susheel’s hardened heart, replacing it with a heart full of the Truth and Love of our Lord Jesus. May the grace of our Lord cover him and those he loves. I ask this in the faithful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Received: August 2, 2020