God’s Word is a treasure chest, full of priceless gems.

Under the Old Covenant, the tabernacle served as God’s dwelling place, a holy habitation prepared for Him by Moses and the children of Israel. During this landmark teaching, Pastor Benny Hinn shares anointed insights into the symbolism of the tabernacle, carefully outlining how the entire message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is revealed in the materials and specific detail, including:
  • The significance of the historical and spiritual treasures of the design and function of the wilderness sanctuary
  • The meaning and importance of the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies
  • The sweeping panorama of the majesty, reality and the process of entering into the presence of the Lord
  • The principles that can help you experience a deeper and more dynamic walk with God
The wealth that lies within is unveiled as you study and apply the truths found in the Word of God. Get ready for a powerful ground-breaking as Pastor Benny takes you deeply into the symbolism and significance of the Tabernacle.

5.5 Hours of Incredible Study and Amazing Photos!

Delivered in a small group Bible study setting, this rich and detailed material will unveil historical and spiritual treasures about the Tabernacle’s revelation of Jesus in its design and function. By using the example of the wilderness sanctuary, you will see a sweeping panorama into both the majesty and reality of entering into the presence of the Lord.

“God’s Word is a treasure chest filled with priceless gems! The wealth that lies within the plans for the tabernacle reveals our Lord Jesus Christ and how we can move into the Holy of Holies with Him!”

Your life can become a sanctuary for God’s presence and you can experience true worship today!

Course Summary:

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