Today’s Key Scripture

“When you spread out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you; Even though you make many prayers, I will not hear.”

— Isaiah 1:15

In addition to desiring the Holy Spirit’s help during prayer, there is a deeper reason why we must die to self and surrender totally to the Lord, especially during prayer.

The insightful nineteenth-century Bible teacher Charles G. Finney said this:

Many persons, being told that God answers prayer for Christ’s sake, overlook the condition of obedience. They have so loose an idea of prayer, and of our relations to God in it, and of his relations to us and to his moral government, that they think they may be disobedient and yet prevail through Christ. How little do they understand the whole subject! Surely they must have quite neglected to study their Bible to learn the truth about prayer.

Remember, the Lord became weary of the hollow prayers of the children of Israel. That was the point of Isaiah 1:15. Why was the Lord so displeased?  Because the flesh cannot please our Lord, nor can the flesh pray.

We need to say, “Holy Spirit, I can’t pray. Help me worship as I should.”

We are commanded to pray. And failure to pray is disobedience.

If you do have a consistent prayer life, be encouraged! You are obeying God!


A Prayer for Today

Father God, help me to pray. Help me to be consistent in my time with You every day. I trust You for all my tomorrows. You alone are totally reliable. I desire power to endure, and I know inwardly that a solid faith-filled life depends upon my willing spirit to spend time in Your presence. Fill me with a deep desire to know You more intimately today than yesterday. And I will praise and worship You throughout this day. For it is in Jesus’ name that I pray, amen.


*All Scripture references are NKJV unless otherwise noted.