Pastor Benny Hinn helps load food for the needy

Last-Minute Miracle Provides Food to Needy Families

  • Dr. Quintero received an unexpected truckload of food and Benny Hinn Ministries helped to distribute to needy families.

  • This last-minute miracle provided 4,000 boxes of food.

  • Each box will sustain a family for one week.

Through the past 46 years, Benny Hinn Ministries has formed many strategic partnerships around the globe to move quickly when disasters strike.

Again and again, during terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad, earthquakes in South America, floods in America’s South and Midwest, tsunami-related tragedies throughout the Pacific Rim, and hurricane destruction along the Gulf, the internationally-known evangelist and his partners have literally reached out in the midst of chaos and disasters with food, temporary shelter, and hope.

With the pandemic- and unrest-related challenges, this ministry is reaching out much closer to home, literally from the parking lot of the Southern California studio.

Says Pastor Benny: “Last week I had the privilege of distributing food to needy families of Orange County, California with my dear friend Dr. Norman Quintero, founder and CEO of the non-profit company, NQR CORP, and Senior Pastor of Inglesia Getsmani. I was so blessed by the experience that I promised the Lord and told Dr. Quintero that I wanted our ministry to be more involved with distributing food to needy families. Little did I know that such an opportunity would present itself again within a matter of days!”

The ministry received word from Dr. Quintero on Monday, June 1, with the urgent message: “It’s a miracle! I just received a totally unexpected semi-truckload that just arrived at our front door this morning! It is filled with boxes that include fresh food, as well as boxed and canned items. Can your ministry help us distribute this truckload from the studio in Aliso Viejo?”

 Pastor Benny shares, “2 Timothy 4:2 tells us to be ‘instant in season and out of season.’ That one principle has been constant for our ministry. Within moments of saying ‘Yes!’ to Dr. Quintero, the word went out to needy families throughout the area and calls were made to line up volunteers from throughout Orange County. By the time the huge truck showed up, we were ready!”

Word quickly spread, and the drive-up community outreach blessed thousands with 4,000 boxes of food and supplies that will sustain a family for one week.

“These are troubling times,” Pastor Benny shares, “and so many people all around us are hurting. What a blessing to be part of this ‘instant miracle’ outreach right in our own community. Best of all, this opportunity has continued to forge a precious relationship with Dr. Quintero and the Goodness Project. He has such a wonderful heart for people, and we have bonded quickly. It’s my prayer that this partnership will spread, even as our friendship grows. And I am so deeply thankful to our precious partners and volunteers in helping to make this food distribution possible! Jesus taught, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me’ (Matthew 25:40, NKJV). That’s the heart of this ministry, and through your prayers, seed-gifts, and encouragement, you are a faithful and important part of everything Benny Hinn Ministries does around the world—providing life-saving relief efforts like this that are invaluable in opening doors to spread the life-changing Gospel.”

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