For well over three decades I have been adamant that our ministry must have an “above and beyond” standard when it comes to the seed you plant. In fact, each of our global ministry offices voluntarily complies with an independent annual audit performed by the best of the best. The U.S. office is audited annually by one of America’s most respected CPA firms, Stanfield and O’Dell, founded in 1952.

At a considerable annual cost, the ministry’s books are thoroughly scrubbed from top to bottom—including my compensation and travel—and have consistently been given the seal of approval.

In fact, for many consecutive years, independent audit firms have given Benny Hinn Ministries a clean audit (Click here to view our audit cover letters). Because of my fear of offending my precious Lord or bringing shame to His name, I insist that we go far beyond what is required to ensure that our ministry’s finances are above reproach.