The Miracle Continues

“Everywhere I go, people are asking me to pour into their lives, to teach what I’ve learned from my own walk with the Lord, from what He has shown me through my study of the Word, and through what I’ve learned from God’s generals of past generations.”

There’s a verse that says, “I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19, MSG).

I’ve said before that occasionally God intervenes through unusual circumstances in ways that surprise and amaze us. This is one of those times, as our Lord continues to reveal His newest plans for this ministry and for you during the coming days.

And because of all that God is doing in our midst, I want to share an exciting update with you, directly from Dallas.

The Lord spoke to me several months ago about holding monthly Miracle Services in Dallas, Texas. In the next few weeks, we will be televising services from our new World Media Conference Center in Dallas, both nationwide and worldwide, reaching millions for Jesus before His return.

The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex is a fast-growing area with numerous major companies moving to the I-121 corridor, located within ten minutes of the Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport.

I need your help today in getting our facility ready. Our building on Highway 121 is currently under renovation so we can be ready for our Pastors and Ministry Leaders Conference on November 6-9. Then, beginning in December, we will begin hosting, filming, and broadcasting the monthly Miracle Services on the first Monday night of each month.


We love our facility in California, but it’s harder for many people in other parts of the country to travel there. We will still minister in California regularly, but the new World Media Conference Center in Texas, located more centrally, will greatly expand our outreach. People from all over the US can travel there more economically and conveniently.

I believe this facility will be used as a central gathering place that will help usher in a great wave of teaching and miracles.

Many of our ministry’s musicians already live in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We will be able to save money by not having to fly them out to California and house them during the conferences, services, and tapings.

Since announcing the project, we’ve taken steps to retrofit our building as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Later, as more funds are available, we will expand the space to the point that we can seat 1,500 people for our special services and conferences.

Most importantly, we can reach far beyond the walls of our building into homes, businesses, and churches all over the world.

We aren’t doing large crusades here in America because the venue costs have skyrocketed in the past few years. Plus, social media and other new technologies have changed everything. Where our crusades attracted tens of thousands in the past, today’s services are broadcast live to more than 300,000 people who can intimately engage in the entire service and anointing, even from their homes.

People won’t have to go to a massive auditorium or stadium, with all of the parking and logistics challenges. We don’t have to struggle with the incredible expenses. We can now provide this central location for people to attend the live services and at the same time broadcast the service to millions—to anyone with an internet connection or hand-held device.

What an amazing opportunity that God has given to us! We can reach more people with one service than we used to reach in an entire year!

Reaching a New Generation of Leaders

Not only will this updated facility in Dallas be a gathering place for teaching, salvation, deliverance, healing, and other miracles, but it will also be a sending place!

It will be a center of encouragement for all those pastors and church leaders who are overwhelmed with the challenges of ministry today. Research shows that as many as 1,800 men and women leave the ministry each month! We want to strengthen and refresh them before they reach burnout and give up. I believe that through our ministry of the Word in this place pastors and leaders will begin to see through new eyes as they are strengthened in faith.

Part of this new vision is tied to a new emerging hunger, especially among young people, for the real Gospel. Today’s youth want the power of God. They want the pure message of the cross. They want to see firsthand the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

Thank God for what He is doing in the next generation of leaders.

Everywhere I go, people are asking me to pour into their lives, to teach what I’ve learned from my own walk with the Lord, from what He has shown me through my study of the Word, and through what I’ve learned from God’s generals of past generations.

God has shown me that our new World Media Conference Center in Dallas will be used mightily to teach an ever-expanding circle—vast multitudes of believers—who will shake the world for Christ.

It’s so exciting what the Father is putting together in Dallas, and there is already a glorious anointing of God’s presence as people enter our construction area.

My Request to You

What we need right now is slightly over $50,000 to finish the first phase of this project. We have to move quickly to be ready for the November 6-9 Pastors Conference and our first monthly miracle service in December.

We have to paint the existing ceiling and install new LED lighting, which will help reduce maintenance, power, and air conditioning costs. We need to put up special sound-barrier drapes and carpeting. The results will be both beautiful and efficient as we use this multipurpose room for services, conferences, and even as a studio for filming This Is Your Day and other broadcasts.

Please do all you can today. The need is urgent. The need is now. We need more than $50,000 immediately to finish the renovations so we can be ready to go a month from now.

As the Lord leads you, sow your best seed today. I will believe with you that God will meet all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Do your best today. Let’s reach America and the world for the Lord Jesus with the message of His saving and healing power through these monthly meetings that will be streamed live on social media as well as televised.

I’ve been preaching the Gospel faithfully since 1974. Since that time, God has blessed my worldwide ministry. But I believe my greatest work is yet to come, especially through our newly renovated World Media Conference Center in Dallas.

The center will be used for salvations, of course, but also to strengthen His people for the coming days. What a great location to do this!

The timing is crucial. Help me finish the new studio now.

Faithful partner, through the years you have stood with me, and I am asking that you join me again today for this mighty work of God so we can move forward with both this studio project and all the outreaches around the world.

Benny Hinn reading Bible

One of the greatest lessons any believer can learn is the importance of giving to the spread of the Gospel, and I ask you today for your help in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ through this awesome open door in Dallas.

Will you help me obey the command of our Master Jesus and sow seed today for souls?

My Prayer for You

Father, bless your people! Speak to hearts right now on what they should do to help me finish this project. I pray that You will honor and glorify Your name through what is happening in Dallas, and that You will meet every need of those who give. You have placed this burden upon my heart, and I know that I know that I know You will bring it to pass through Your faithful servants, my dear partners. In Your precious name, Lord Jesus, Amen!

Please give today!

For the glorious and eternal cause of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ,

Benny Hinn

Your seed-faith donations make it possible for us to take the Gospel around the globe, even during our first phase of construction on the World Media Conference Center in Dallas. There is so much to be done in the coming weeks and months as we continue to grow and look toward all God has in store for us around the world.

Earnestly seek the Lord about what you will plant into the fertile fields of this ministry, especially as we complete construction on this centrally located facility God has given us to reach the world before our Lord Jesus returns.