Discover how it is God’s desire to bring pardon and healing!

In this memorable study, Pastor Benny offers an insightful biblical foundation for divine healing. You will:
  • Discover how it is God’s desire to bring pardon and healing
  • Trace the impact of the Savior’s work on the cross which provides healing
  • Understand how obedience to God’s Word brings supernatural power
  • Learn the life-changing principles for claiming God’s gift of healing in your own life
  • Gain knowledge for interceding for those who need the prayer of faith and agreement

15 Hours of Insightful Teaching!

This comprehensive, remarkable series is based on Pastor Benny’s own testimony, his personal study of God’s Word, and his firsthand knowledge gleaned from over thirty years of miracle-filled ministry. In each session, he shares scripture after scripture reflecting God’s will for all believers to live in an anointed atmosphere of healing and health.

Get ready to be inspired and enriched as you get to know Jesus Christ the Healer as you have never experienced Him before!

Course Summary

Lesson 1: Divine Healing Through God’s Provision
Lesson 2: Divine Healing Through God’s Redemptive Plan
Lesson 3: Divine Healing Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ
Lesson 4: Roadblocks to Divine Healing
Lesson 5: More Roadblocks to Divine Healing
Lesson 6: Seven Levels of Faith
Lesson 7: Building Your Faith
Lesson 8: Partakers of Divine Healing
Lesson 9: Divine Compassion
Lesson 10: How to Keep Your Healing

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