Calcutta Mercy Hospital Changing the Face of India

Since 1977, Calcutta Mercy Hospital continues providing care to more than 100,000 people every year with 40 percent of its total patient care free of charge to those in need. 

The seven-story health care and medical research institution, located in downtown Calcutta, India, provides pediatric and neonatal care, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services to abused and underprivileged patients, AIDS awareness, and educational services.

The hospital has a Research Centre School of Nursing that provides top level professional services to girls and women from all levels of income as they realize that in the Indian culture it is necessary for women to have training in various vocational fields in order to gain respect, success, and to break the cycle of poverty. In the rural communities around Calcutta, the hospital sends out doctor and nurse teams to attend the medical needs of thousands of poor people who would otherwise go untreated. mercyhospIn the wake of the tsunami, Calcutta Mercy Hospital sent an eight-member team of doctors, nurses, and technicians to help the tsunami-affected people. Spending ten days in the western provinces of Kalmunai and Akkaraipattu, Maruthamunai, and Akbar; giving a fresh lease on life to the people through medical attention, love, and care.

Every year, Calcutta Mercy Hospital has a special operation camp for babies and children with lip and cleft palate problems. Calcutta Mercy Hospital treats children for blindness. Most of the children treated receive 60% of sight after the operation. Tens of thousands of families attend the Free Meal Program to receive daily meals.

Through Benny Hinn Ministries partnership with Mercy Hospital the Hinn Pediatric Ward was founded and remains on the second floor of the hospital providing care to and serving the medical needs of precious sick children from the region.

Since 2002, Benny Hinn Ministries has supported capital needs and ongoing free treatment at Calcutta Mercy Hospital.

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