Bottlebrush Outreach Africa

Look what the precious partners of Benny Hinn Ministries have helped to achieve! Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God and helping to feed and care for the impoverished children of Bottlebrush in Africa. Below is a summary of many great milestones for the Bottlebrush Outreach in Africa:
  • Pr. Dennis John and his family’s ministry feed the children of Bottlebrush Informal Settlement 2400 meal packs a week. They have three fulltime staff, of which two are from the Community of Bottlebrush.
  • Since 2006 they committed to financially support at least one student with their tertiary education.  Several of them have already graduated from college and now working in their professions.  One of these students is none other than Sfiso Nhlanla, whom was also discipled and mentored as a leader. He and his wife Norma are now the Pastors and Leaders of the ministry in Bottlebrush.
  • Since March 2011, they started a discipling and mentoring another young man, Joshua Nzimande who works alongside Sfiso.
  • While the feeding program is in session they provide a primary healthcare clinic that sees an average of 50 children with severe burns, major wounds as a result of injuries and several medical issues, which are typical symptoms of the HIV/AIDS virus.
  • Before the meals are served they have a joyful time of praise & worship with the children and they are taught the Word of God, and how to pray.  Thereafter they are prayed for.  It is in these times that we have seen many of them get healed miraculously.
  • At a healing crusade in Bottlebrush in 2010, several people got healed, delivered, and responded to the salvation call. The Lord impressed on them to plant a church in Bottlebrush and ordain Sfiso as the Pastor.  They conduct a healing crusade at least once a year.  Since then they have the opportunity to disciple and mentor more young people through song, dance, drama, sport, and the ministry of the Word of God at the house meetings and the weekly worship services.
  • Throughout the year they host special events for the community of Bottlebrush with different guests. For the last two years a team of eye doctors from Holland, conducted eye testing at for a whole month and then provided eyeglasses for about 1200 people. They have committed to doing this for five years, grateful to God for this.
  • Other ministry outreaches have included hosting a team of Bible College students from Ghana and held a healing crusade in the heart of Bottlebrush. Over a hundred people gave their hearts to the Lord; many were healed and delivered from demon possession and witchcraft.
  • Hosting another team from Holland who spent a week ministering to the children in Bottlebrush. Conducting a soccer coaching clinic and tournament for about a hundred children that are part of the Good News Centre Soccer Club. Also, hosting a music team from Australia that will spend three weeks teaching and training the children of Bottlebrush to play musical instruments and to sing.
  • The Annual Children’s Festival. This is an exciting event for the children of Bottlebrush and more then one hundred and fifty volunteers that participate. Preparation starts at the beginning of each year for the 1500 children that will be transported from Bottlebrush. This is their early Christmas party, provide them with a day of fun, games food, and their group leaders (our volunteers) treat them as a family, by playing with them, paying attention to them, hugging them and taking care of them.  At the end of the day they get a bag of gifts, which always brings smiles and excitement to their now tired faces.
  • A special Teen Girls Festival at which young ladies will be mentored on how to be lady like and how to deal with peer pressure and stay pure until they get married.

Images from Bottlebrush Outreach in Africa