Your Constant Connection to the Holy Land!

It is vital today that we understand God’s blessing on His chosen people and those who stand with that nation.

It is also extraordinarily important to understand how biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes as the enemy desires to destroy and annihilate Israel from within and without. Israel is the voice of prophecy. It is the heart of prophecy. What happens to the Jewish people affects the world.

What happens to Israel continues to change the world’s map, especially as more and more prophecies come into view. Mark my words: we are moving into an intense, hot prophetic season. I truly believe 2016 will be a momentous year for Israel and for those who either bless or curse them.

God has directed me to begin A WINDOW INTO ISRAEL to be a revealing, exciting window into what is happening in the Holy Land. This new section will include: live webcams, news about current events, intercessory prayer warriors in the Holy Land you can send your urgent prayer requests to, information on how you can more effectively “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6), and much more! Each new day means a struggle for the soul of Israel, and we must pray for God to gain the victory in the hearts and lives of the entire Middle East. A WINDOW INTO ISRAEL  is now your constant connection!

Map of Israel

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