Toronto miracle crusade reaps anointed harvest!

Toronto, located in southern Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in North America. Air Canada Centre, in the midst of the country’s economic capital, hosted a powerful Benny Hinn Ministries Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade on August 17–18, 2007. An enthusiastic crowd welcomed Pastor Benny back to Toronto, where he began his healing ministry. He reminisced about Toronto, including his salvation experience and his early days in ministry.

Miracle reports from the services are amazing, including one woman’s unforgettable salvation testimony!

The Greatest Miracle

Many people of all ages and varied backgrounds responded each time Pastor Benny gave the call for salvation, but one stands out. On the first evening of the crusade following the altar call, a staff member noticed a woman moving toward her seat. He took time to ask the woman accompanying her, “Is this your mother?”
“Yes,” came the response.
“Did she surrender her life to the Lord Jesus tonight and invite Him into her life as Savior and Lord?”
“Yes,” the daughter responded, “She’s 94 years old, and she has never before given her life to the Lord.”

Healing Miracles

Incredible miracles took place in each service:

  • A lady who had been healed of arthritis came forward to testify of her healing. Before she left the platform Pastor Benny discovered that she had been deaf for over 30 years. Pastor Benny quickly turned toward the crowd and admonished them to pray. Then he began to pray for the woman, laying hands on her as he asked God to open her ears. Moments later, as he clapped his hands, the woman indicated she was hearing sounds and it was getting loud.
  • A woman who had relied on a wheelchair for several years came to the platform to testify of God’s healing touch. Pastor Benny found out that the doctors had recommended the amputation of the woman’s feet because there was nothing they could do, but the woman had refused, stating that she was going to trust God for a miracle. She walked back and forth across the platform, thrilled at what God had done for her.
  • A young boy who had suffered with asthma was healed.
  • Breast cancer was healed as a tumor disappeared.
  • A family who had been injured in a car accident while traveling to the crusade experienced God’s healing touch as each of three family members were healed of the pain and symptoms from the accident.
  • There were many testimonies of healing from various types of arthritis, cancer, tumors, leukemia, and more.
  • A woman who had required the use of oxygen removed the tank and functioned normally, including walking with ease!
  • A woman who had suffered with severe arthritis and pain suddenly began walking and moving freely.

The final service was especially dynamic with an electrified atmosphere and a powerful anointing for miracles and impartation.

According to David Reed, associate professor at the University of Toronto who studies Pentecostal and Charismatic religious movements, “Benny Hinn seems to be very gracious and warm and excited to see what God has done in somebody’s life.” He reports, “There are people that have been relieved of their suffering.”

“Release Your Faith!”

Pastor Benny challenged the audience to trust God and release their faith for miracles, just as the woman with the issue of blood had done as Jesus passed by in Luke 8.

He also sited the example of Bartimaeus, blind and begging by the road, who cried out, “Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me!” Bartimaeus didn’t give up. He continued to call upon Jesus for his miracle.

As he brought his faith-filled message to a close, Pastor Benny admonished the crowd, “Call upon Jesus; call upon Him now for your miracle!” As people began to call out the name of Jesus, miracles began to happen again all over the Air Canada Center.

“It’s always wonderful to come back to the city of my youth where God called me into the ministry,” reports Pastor Benny. “We had such a glorious time in the Lord at the Air Canada Centre. This is an appointed time for this city and region. People came expecting an unusual move of God. He continues to do such marvelous things here, and I ask people all over the globe to pray for the decisions for the Lord that were made here, and for the impact from this crusade to continue to spread throughout Canada, North America, and around the globe, for God’s glory!”

Be a Vital Part of the Ministry

God’s Word commands, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Benny Hinn Ministries and our partners around the world are fulfilling that command through crusades, broadcasts, and mission outreaches. Thanks to generous support from ministry friends, the Toronto crusade was a powerful success. You can be a vital part of upcoming crusades as we take the life-changing and miracle-working Gospel message throughout the world. Please plant a generous seed now!