Crusade in Uganda Draws International Audience

Nationally distributed newspapers proclaimed, “The lame walked, the blind had their eyes opened, the deaf heard, and the sick recovered at the first-ever Pastor Benny Hinn crusade in Uganda!”

Broadcast live to the world for the first time through streaming Internet and the GOD TV satellite network, the groundbreaking crusade, addressed by the nation’s First Lady, saw mighty miracles throughout the overflowing audience at the Nelson Mandela National Stadium. The impact continues to reverberate across Uganda, the African continent, and around the globe!

Uganda, located in the geographical heartland of Africa, is bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, within which it shares borders with Kenya and Tanzania.

With a population of over 28 million, the nation boasts an emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources. The capital, Kampala, populated by approximately a million people, is far and away the largest city in Uganda.

Showcase to major sporting and entertainment events, Kampala’s Mandela National Stadium was transformed May 18–19, 2007, into a capacity-filled sanctuary of praise, worship, Gospel preaching, and mighty miracles.

Uganda’s First Lady Addresses Crowd
In addition to conducting a television interview with the gracious President Lt. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his wife, Janet, Pastor Benny Hinn welcomed the First Lady to one of the services. She was warmly and enthusiastically honored by the people throughout the stadium.

As she came to the platform at the beginning of the service, the crowd cheered with excitement. She greeted the people on behalf of her husband, the President, as well as welcoming Pastor Benny to Uganda.

She spoke briefly from her heart, sharing her own personal faith in Jesus Christ. Before leaving the platform she said, “Pastor Benny, you are welcome in Uganda. Please come back again and again!”

Historic Live Broadcast
History was made as Benny Hinn Ministries experienced one of its most exciting breakthroughs in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! For the first time, a Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade was broadcast live to a worldwide audience through GOD TV and the Internet!

Viewers in the most remote areas of the world saw as the crusade choir of nearly 4,000 voices joined together to sing majestic harmonies. On more than one occasion Pastor Benny expressed his appreciation for their contribution to the crusade and said, “I’d love to take you with me! You’re wonderful!”

During the first service, Pastor Benny preached an inspirational message demonstrating from Scripture how Jesus healed all, wherever He went. He cited several passages where Jesus ministered to the sick and afflicted, taking time to heal all.

“He’s a healing Jesus!” Pastor Benny declared to the cheering capacity crowd, “It’s His nature to heal!”

During the second service, Pastor Benny brought a powerful message that focused on the work of the cross. He used Old Testament examples of how the children of Israel repented and brought healing and deliverance to their lives as they brought the cross back into their lives. In Egypt, for example, the children of Israel were instructed to anoint their doorposts with blood, and God promised, “When I see the blood I will pass over you.”

Miracles Abound
Multiplied thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children responded to Pastor Benny’s invitation to pray and receive Jesus Christ as Savior!

Multitudes responded as God began moving mightily among the audience, healing people throughout the stadium. Miracles from the two services included these:

  • A lady who had been carried to the stadium on a mat by family members began to walk, leaving her mat behind. She walked across the platform with Pastor Benny, smiling and rejoicing at her ability to walk again. Her family watched in amazement.
  • A woman from Kenya who fractured her legs in a mountain-climbing accident was healed.
  • A young man whose leg had been crushed in a severe accident was previously unable to walk. As a healing anointing descended during the Friday evening service, the young man received strength in his leg and all the pain was gone. As Pastor Benny inquired about the young man’s injuries, the young man pulled his pant leg up to reveal a sizeable scar where the leg had been crushed. As he walked and stomped his foot, he repeated that he had no pain!
  • An elderly man, relegated to a wheelchair for seven years as a result of prostate cancer and bedridden for one and half years, walked without problems to the cheers of the audience!
  • A woman who had been unable to hear or speak came forward. With upraised hands and through tears of joy she responded to Pastor Benny. As the crowd rejoiced and the music played, she cupped her hands over her ear—she was able to hear! Her smiling face and tear-filled eyes reflected the joy she felt in her heart at what God had done for her.
  • Another lady with a deaf ear began to hear. She wept as she repeated one phrase and then another after Pastor Benny.
  • A young boy, paralyzed for eight years since the age of three, walked after he was healed!
  • Many people came on crutches, with various difficulties, including arthritis and injured limbs. As they discarded their crutches and walked or ran across the platform, the crowd responded in resounding applause and praise to the Lord.
  • A mother came to the platform holding a baby in her arms. She was visibly moved as she clutched her baby. Her baby had been born with meningitis and had been fed through a feeding tube since birth. However, during the first service the baby was completely healed, and since that time had been breastfeeding normally.
  • A young woman came to the platform to testify of her healing from uterine cancer. She had flown from Toronto, Canada, because she was desperate for a miracle. She said all the pain was gone and she knew she had received her miracle!
  • One woman who had suffered with a tumor on her side came to the platform to testify that her tumor had vanished.

The Moving Story of Moses
There were so many miracles during both services that most were unable to approach the stage to share what God had done.

One of the most amazing stories that was shared with everyone was the story of Moses. At the close of the first service, the young man named came to the platform. Pastor Benny noticed that Moses was wearing no shoes. He quickly learned that Moses had been crippled since birth.

The 28-year-old man, accompanied by his sister, came from the city of Lira in the far northern part of Uganda. He had entered the stadium in a wheelchair, but God moved mightily, and he took his first steps during the service!

As Pastor Benny began to talk to the young man and learn more about him, Moses said, “I want to be saved.” The expression on his face underscored his desire to know the Lord.

Pastor Benny led Moses and people throughout the audience in the sinner’s prayer. Following the prayer, Pastor Benny talked to Moses more before calling the host pastor to join them. Pastor Benny told the local pastor that he wanted to provide the funds to buy Moses some shoes and new clothing. He also asked if there was a Bible school anywhere in the area where Moses could learn more of God’s Word. The host pastor promptly told Pastor Benny that their church had an active Bible school where Moses could attend. Pastor Benny reiterated that he would pay for Moses to attend the Bible school.

In the second service, Pastor Benny asked if Moses was present in the service. After a few moments, Moses and his sister came to the platform, where they were welcomed by Pastor Benny and the cheers of the crowd. Moses was smiling from ear to ear as he stepped onto the platform wearing brand-new clothes and shoes.

After a few remarks, Pastor Benny turned to the host pastor and inquired, “When does Moses start attending Bible school?”

The pastor responded, “On Monday morning!”

Once again the crowd applauded and cheered as Pastor Benny and Moses stood face to face and Moses’ sister wept tears of joy at what God had done during the crusade.

A Mighty Work Throughout Africa
“What a powerful crusade!” Pastor Benny reported after the crusade concluded. “God is doing a mighty work throughout Africa. We have held crusades in nearby countries in the past few years, and now we have been blessed to hold this one among the precious people of Uganda. This has been a historic time. The President and First Lady have been so gracious. Many people have been requesting me to air the crusades live, so it was exciting to broadcast the services, as they were happening, to the rest of the world through GOD TV and the Internet. People here, hungry and open to the Gospel, are faced with great challenges. I am asking my partners and ministry friends to pray for the wonderful people of this country and continent, that God will touch an entire generation in a way never seen before!”

Be a Vital Part of Our Historic Crusades!
God is doing an amazing work through each Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade! Upcoming international crusades, as with the just-completed one in Uganda, are increasingly expensive because of extensive travel and setup costs. Believe with Pastor Benny Hinn for a supernatural harvest of souls. Pray for great results. Consider being a vital part of these historic crusades through a sacrificial seed-gift today!