God is Always on Time

Light On Time

By Benny Hinn

So many times we can be perplexed and even discouraged when our heavenly Father doesn't answer our prayers according to our timetable. We pray for God to intervene, but He doesn't seem to. We pray for a loved one to surrender to the Lord Jesus, but the person keeps living in a rebellion. We pray for a financial need to be met, but nothing happens.

Years ago I heard Corrie Ten Boom share a powerful illustration about the timeliness of God's loving care. The setting for the story was Nazi-occupied Holland where she and her family were experiencing trials while attempting to shelter Jews. In the midst of increasing danger and turmoil she said, "Papa, everything is getting too bad. If the police come for us, how will we know that God is with us?"

"Corrie," he responded, "when we go on a trip by train, when do I give you the ticket?"

"Just before we get on the train, Papa," Corrie answered.

"That's right, Corrie," her father said. "You don't need your ticket until you are about to board the train. But I always give you your ticket just in time. That's how our wonderful heavenly Father is. He always gives us just what we need, and He is never late. His love and mercy will sustain us and strengthen us just when we need them, for He is always faithful."

DL Moody was a giant in the history of the church, a man who knew God and experienced His love and blessings continually. A friend told a story that I found fascinating, one that I would like to share with you.

It seems that in 1893, DL Moody had a financial need of $3,000. Mr. Moody always took his needs to the Lord in prayer, and this day was no different.

He knelt down beside his desk and prayed, "Lord, You know I need $3,000 today. I must have it, and You know that I am too busy with Your work to go out and get it. Please send it to me. I thank You that You will. Amen."

Following his prayer, Mr. Moody rose to his feet and went on about his work at the Bible Institute in Chicago.

Later that day he was scheduled to preach in the auditorium. The audience was in place, and the platform was filled with people. As the meeting was about to begin, a young woman walked up to an usher and said, "I must see Mr. Moody." He responded, "You can't see Mr. Moody now. The meeting is about to begin."

She continued, "But I must see Mr. Moody."

Unmoved by her persistence, the usher turned her away.

As she walked away, she noticed another aisle and approached another usher, making the same request to see Mr. Moody. He, too, said that would be impossible because the meeting was about to begin.

Determined, she went around to the platform entrance and somehow found her way to where Mr. Moody stood. She put an envelope in Mr. Moody's hand when he brushed past her, making his way to the platform. As he walked onto the stage, he hastily put the envelope into his vest pocket and went on with the meeting.

Later that evening as he ate his dinner, he remembered the envelope. He reached into his vest pocket and took out the envelope. When he opened it, he discovered that it contained a check for $3,000 - an answer to his prayer.

He eventually learned the story behind the heaven-sent gift. That morning the Lord had touched the heart of a Christian woman as Mr. Moody came to mind: "These are very busy days for Mr. Moody. He must need a great deal of money." And with that she made out a check for $1,000. As soon as she had written he check, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, "That will not be sufficient. He will need more money than that."

Obedient to the Spirit's prompting, she tore up the check and made out a new check in the amount of $2,000. Once again she was prompted by the Spirit that the amount was not adequate. She tore up the second check and proceeded to write a check for $3,000. She put the check in an envelope, sealed the envelope, addressed it, and asked her maid to mail the envelope for her. Just as the maid was about to leave the room, the woman called out to her and said, "Just a moment. He may not get it until tomorrow, and he may need it today. Put your coat on and go over to the auditorium. Give it to Mr. Moody, and do not let anyone else have it."

You see, good fathers know the needs of their children and take care of them, and children who experience the warmth of that love trust and goodness of their fathers implicitly. Just as DL Moody trusted his all-sufficient heavenly Father to lovingly provide for him, so we can apply the same principles. God's disposition toward His children was not changed one iota. His promises are timeless and extended to all, and He earnestly desires to bless us and provide for every area of need. The Word of God tells us, "And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God." (Deut. 28:2 KJV)

My friend, I know that like me, you want the great blessing that comes from a love relationship with our heavenly Father to be visited upon your life. The Bible contains very clear guidelines on how we can experience the blessings promised to God's children - and I want so much for you to understand them and make them a reality in your life. Are you ready to apply God's principles and begin your journey of blessings as His child?


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© 2011 Benny Hinn Ministries. All rights reserved. Excerpt from The Biblical Road to Blessing by Benny Hinn ©1997. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN.