Three Dimensions of the Anointing Teaching Highlights Fire Conference in Detroit is Michigan’s largest city, a major port city on the Detroit River, and is known around the world for its automobile industry and legendary music. Its panoramic waterfront, framed by distinctive art deco buildings, form a recognizable skyline that features the General Motors Renaissance Center, a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers. The central tower, the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center that soars 73 floors above the Detroit River, is both Michigan’s tallest building and also the tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

On April 24–25, 2008, the Detroit Marriott Renaissance was also home to the exciting Benny Hinn Ministries Fire Conference.

Session 1 Highlights Benny began a teaching on the three dimensions of the anointing, including the anointing for salvation, the priestly anointing for ministry, and the kingly anointing for dominion.

As part of this powerful teaching on anointing, he taught on the seven covenants of the Bible, pointing to the fact that every covenant has promises, terms, blood, and a seal. These include:

• Adamic Covenant
• Noahic Covenant
• Abrahamic Covenant
• Mosaic Covenant
• Davidic Covenant
• New Covenant
• Everlasting Covenant

“Every covenant promises power,” Pastor Benny explained. “Each replenishes, and each allows you to possess the gates of your enemies.”

Session 2 Highlights
On Friday morning, the enthusiastic crowd received a revealing teaching concerning the benefits of the prophetic, including the four realms of prophecy:

• Prophecy in Scripture
• The Spirit of Prophecy
• The Gift of Prophecy
• The Office of Prophet

“Prophets are vessels chosen to function accurately in the word of knowledge and word of wisdom,” he explained.

Session 3 Highlights
Reflecting on the teaching of the three dimensions of the anointing, Pastor Benny moved deeper into the third dimension, the kingly anointing for dominion. He used Scriptures that included Joel 2:24, showing examples of people who walk in this dimension of the anointing.

“When you move into this dimension,” he taught, “the anointing is going to drip off your life everywhere you go. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters. But you cannot be trusted with this dimension if you are not faithful in your current dimension and walk. The kingly anointing is an everlasting and permanent anointing, and a demand is placed upon your life for you to move to this higher plateau in the Spirit. This third anointing is God’s highest will for your life!”

At the close of the conference, Pastor Benny moved into a powerful prayer of impartation and anointing for the pastors who were present, laying hands upon them, and praying for a greater anointing of the Holy Spirit upon their life and ministry. No one, it seemed, wanted to leave, desiring to share in the warmth and anointing the attendees had witnessed.

“What a mighty anointing!” Pastor Benny reported at the conclusion of this historic Fire Conference. “We have seen God doing something very special in each of the conferences and crusades, but this was amazing. I believe we are just starting to see what God has in store for His people. He wants us to move into a deeper dimension of anointing. What we have witnessed here is a wonderful foretaste of the days to come as more and more believers get hungry and thirsty for all that God has for them!”

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