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Thursday Anointed Good Friday celebrations have become a memorable tradition for Benny Hinn Ministries. This classic Good Friday service reached a new zenith with hearts and lives changed forever! Join this service as the auditorium becomes a tabernacle of praise, worship, and anointing. Pastor Benny read...

upcoming events

17 Apr
Lake Buen..., FL Miracle Healing Service

18 Apr
Lake Buen..., FL Good Friday Communion Miracle Service

15 May
San Jose, CA Miracle Healing Services

30 May
East Nusa...,
West Timor
Miracle Healing Service

19 Jun
Tunapuna, Trinidad
West Indies
Fire Impartation Conference

21 Jun
Miracle Healing Services

26 Jun
Atlanta, GA Miracle Healing Services


God has directed me to begin "A Window Into Israel..." to be a revealing, exciting window into what is happening in the Holy Land. Each new day means a struggle for the soul of Israel, and we must pray for God to gain the victory in the hearts and lives of the entire Middle East. This new section is now your constant connection!

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