An Amazing Revival Sweeps over Brazil

Benny Hinn

Beginning with packed-to-overflowing crowds in Brasilia’s Ministério da Fé (February 11), the intensity continued to grow for the first of two scheduled services in Sao Paulo’s Estádio da Portuguesa on February 12–13, 2013.

Expectations were already running high by midmorning Tuesday as people began gathering at the Sao Paulo arena for the 7 p.m. service. By noon, the 14,000-seat facility was filled with hundreds standing in the back and against the wall, praying for God’s power to anoint the coming service. By 4:15 p.m., over 2,000 people were lined up outside the arena and the atmosphere was charged. By service time, over 5,000 had gathered outside to listen via speakers.

Worship and Miracles
As soon as Pastor Benny stepped forward to begin worshipping, the power of God fell and spread like wildfire. Pastor waved his hand and thousands were slain in the Spirit. Miracles began happening all over the church property as he shared God’s Word.

Testimonies included a woman who had suffered for years from a neck injury caused by an automobile accident. She had reached the point that she could no longer move her head. She had constant migraines and jaw pain that affected her whole face. During the service, she suddenly felt the power of God touch her with heat pouring over her face, neck, and jaw. The pain left, and she was totally healed!

So many mighty miracles happened that it was impossible for all to share testimonies on the platform.

After packed-to-overflowing crowds during Miracle Healing Services in Brasilia (February 11) and Sao Paulo (February 12-14), excitement spread throughout Brazil as Pastor Benny Hinn traveled to Manaus (February 16-17), where he preached to tens of thousands in two-storied locations.

Worship and Miracles in Manaus
The Saturday evening service at the Povos da Amazonia was attended by a standing-room-only crowd of over 35,000 people. God’s mighty power filled the soccer arena. The miracle healing testimonies were astounding, and thousands came forward to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!

This was followed by a Sunday morning teaching service at Church Ministério Internacional da Restauração as 5,000 pastors and leaders packed the arena to hear an in-depth message from Pastor Benny Hinn, who spoke on the person of the Holy Spirit. Near the close of the service, Pastor Benny laid hands on many of the pastors and prayed for them, admonishing them to pray for the sick in their churches and see an impartation of the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit in each of them and their own congregation. “This is a new day, a new season of outpouring,” he proclaimed. “Expect God to visit your churches!”

God’s Anointing and Power
The final Brazil service took place on Sunday evening, once again at Ministério Internacional da Restauração, with an overflow crowd of 7,500.

As with previous locations, worship filled the MIR auditorium and the power of God fell. Miracles took place throughout the audience as God’s Word was shared.

Testimonies included the following:

  • A woman, bound with scoliosis for a lifetime, arrived at the service unable to walk, bend, or move on her own. She required help from others and leaned on a cane. Suddenly, as the healing anointing flowed, God touched her in a dramatic way. She threw her cane down and began walking unassisted!
  • Pastor Benny prayed for a young man who could not move his wrist and hand after a car accident. He was completely healed.
  • A four-year-old boy was brought to the service. Born with spine problems, he had never walked. Before the service ended, he was walking freely!

So many mighty miracles happened in Manaus that it was impossible for all to share testimonies on the platform.

A Mighty Work
"Brazil is witnessing God’s anointing and power! What a wonderful series of Miracle Healing Services we’ve seen in Brazil,” Pastor Benny reported after the final service in Manaus. “God is doing such a mighty work in this nation and throughout South America, and the greatest miracle of all is salvation! Altars have been filled. People are hungry and open to the preaching of the Gospel. An amazing revival continues to sweep over this country, and we have witnessed God’s power in an amazing, historic way that I haven’t seen in years! I’m asking for prayer for the people around the globe to intercede for the people of this nation—that God will continue to touch an entire generation in Brazil and throughout this region!"

Be a Vital Part of Our Historic Events!
God is doing a mighty work through each Miracle Healing Service! As with the powerful services in Brazil, upcoming international crusades are increasingly expensive because of extensive travel and setup costs, yet the results continue to be both thrilling and eternal as souls receive Jesus Christ as Savior and people are miraculously healed. Pastor Benny will be journeying soon to South Africa for Miracle Healing Services in Johannesburg (March 12–13), Cape Town (March 14–15), Durban (March 16-17), Phoenix (March 19), Durban (March 20), and East London (March 21). Please believe with Pastor Benny Hinn for a supernatural harvest of souls in each of these places, and be part of these historic crusades through a sacrificial gift today!