By Popular Demand…Watch The New Year’s Eve Service Re-broadcast!

Even before Pastor Benny’s powerful message and the remarkable communion and prayer service came to a close at the Shofar Auditorium at Orlando’s Holy Land Experience, a deluge of phone calls and emails from people all around the globe were calling for a re-broadcast of the New Year’s Eve Service.

May God bless you mightily as you go into the midst of the service once again to worship our precious Lord Jesus Christ. Your life will never be the same.

Remember, 2014 is your year of anointing for divine favor in every area of your life!

Watch A Special Message From Pastor Benny

Thank you for joining partners and friends around the globe for our New Year’s communion service from the Shofar Auditorium at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida.

The Gospel is truly being preached to the nations of the world, fulfilling Bible prophecy. Before our very eyes we are seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy. And you, precious insider, are such an important part of everything that is happening right now! As we join together for this historic service, I believe with all of my heart that the Lord will hear from heaven, heal us, and answer our cry!